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Dear future friends,


I sincerely appreciate that you're considering spending time with me. Below is a little information to help you determine if our precious gift of time is best experienced in each other's company. 


I adore the company of a gentleman with confident charisma or a charming touch of soft-spokenness. He is well-mannered, well-presented and practices humility. I've found myself taking delight in the intoxicating magnetism of those who understand how far respect and decorum can take them when in the presence of a lady. 

Regardless of your age or how you've created your success, if you are a gentleman above the age of 30 who enjoys the art of conversation and meaningful connection as well as any other delight, please don't hesitate to be in touch.  

You may find yourself taken with the energy and excitement of an insatiably curious woman who loves adventure, discovery, and a healthy bit of mischief. You will enjoy that although playful, I am proud, strong, educated, self-aware, and accomplished in my own right. I aim to always be smartly presented so as to blend in well with even the most discerning of circles.

My ideal companion admires me for my warm heart, thoughtfulness, inspired conversation, classic, feminine beauty, adventurous spirit, and desire to take care of those who take care of me. When he treats me like a lady, he is placed on a pedestal, and he takes pleasure in my attentive and caring nature.


He will most likely return again and again. I am highly selective with the company I keep, but those who are let in do tend to stay with me for a very long time.  

I focus on my career most days while I let my web presence help me discover new companions for those rare and precious moments I have outside of the "real world" when I am not at work. Demands outside this fantasy life keep me very busy, so although I am able to meet during the weekdays (and I strongly prefer them), pre-planned meetings are necessary. 

If my words and images resonate with you, I welcome your message and look forward to building a wonderfully rewarding special friendship with you.

XO ~



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