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We are both important people. Trust that I understand and value your need for privacy. However, more than anything, I value our safety. I require prospective friends to pass a rigid verification process for our mutual protection as well as for the safety of my currently established network. If you do not feel comfortable sharing personal information with me, I, most unfortunately, will not be able to see you.


To expedite the verification process, please send at least two of the following in your initial message to me:


  • An established and verifiable LinkedIn account connected to the email address you used to contact me

  • A corporate/professional URL with your name visible on the site

  • A traceable phone number I can text or call you at

  • References from 2-3 other well-established ladies you’ve seen in the past year

  • An active and unlocked social media account that’s searchable by the email you used to contact me with

  • A photo (not a scan or screen grab) of you holding a photo ID with your full name


Your legal name must be attached to at least one of the sources.


Although I understand some may feel hesitant to book because of the verification system, I have this in place for everyone’s protection. If I am to share my personal space and myself intimately with anyone, I must know whose company I’m keeping. The more we trust each other, the more comfortable and relaxed we can be and the more we will both enjoy our time together. Your complete transparency with me will help the process go much more smoothly and efficiently.


I require the same verification for appointments regardless of how we spend our time. I am accustomed to keeping company with the high profile and elite as well as the lesser visible but highly alert. Whether you’re the boy next door or the globetrotting industrialist, an up-and-coming artist or the CEO of a mega-company, I will keep your information discreetly between us. I use it solely to ensure safety and compatibility. 


I look forward to developing a rewarding friendship with you.​


Thanks! Message sent.

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